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Stipshausen production site

49° 50‘ 43.533“ N, 7° 17‘ 28.922“ O

Breaking new grounds with DMG MORI ULTRASONIC | LASERTEC


Almost 700 years of history, the Hunsrück natural region all around, the Frankfurt hub nearby: Stipshausen, at the gates of Idar-Oberstein, is a picturesque place and, since 1981, has also been an innovative one. Hermann Sauer founded his company Hermann Sauer GmbH & Co. KG surface technology, special machines and ultrasonic technology. One day he found out that a traditional grinding process and in particular drilling processes can be carried out much faster if an additional axial, high-frequency "vibration" is used in addition to the rotation of the diamond grinding tool. ULTRASONIC was born.

Since then, special ULTRASONIC machines have been built at the site, which have their strengths primarily in hard-brittle and difficult-to-machine materials (advanced materials) - such as optical glasses, corundum, technical ceramics or hard metal. It is no wonder that a special company for processing special materials has emerged in Stipshausen, of all places, as the “gemstone city” Idar-Oberstein and the companies located there have always had a need for new production methods for other types of materials.


2001 Mr. Sauer sold his company and the patented ULTRASONIC technology to DMG MORI. Today, DMG MORI Ultrasonic Lasertec GmbH stands for manufacturing solutions that go far beyond classic machining. Short processing times and the associated high productivity are essential for most companies. This is exactly where the ULTRASONIC technology from DMG MORI can convince. The superimposition of the tool rotation with an oscillation in the longitudinal direction results in up to 50% lower process forces. In this way, feeds and infeeds can be increased and surface quality improved, or tool wear can be minimized - depending on the requirements. The depth of microcracks (sub surface damage) in hard, brittle materials is reduced to a minimum.

Using ULTRASONIC, the specialists manage to solve even the most difficult tasks. In Stipshausen, people are used to breaking new ground. Feasibility studies and process developments are part of the daily tasks in the ULTRASONIC Excellence Center. In close cooperation with the customers, the experts there pursue the goal of delivering complete turnkey solutions. The site, which has around 70 employees, builds around 150 ULTRASONIC machines per year for users from a wide variety of industries, like Semiconductor, Optics, Medical, Aerospace to name only a few - all over the world.

Today the portfolio also includes machines for laser processing and metal 3D printing. DMG MORI Ultrasonic Lasertec GmbH develops and produces these innovative LASERTEC models at the traditional DMG MORI location in Pfronten.

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