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LASERTEC: CNC laser for the highest precision

From delicate embossing tools to dashboards for cars, from small jet turbine blades to combustion chambers for large industrial gas turbines – the LASERTEC series from DMG MORI offers the right machine for any application. LASERTEC unlocks new economic possibilities in laser precision machining: you can use lasers to execute technical surface structures, press stamps, engravings, labels or drilling in workpieces with the same precision required for the machining of diamond tools. 

Advantages of DMG MORI CNC laser machines at a glance:  

  • Technologies that build on over 30 years of expertise in laser machining
  • Easy switchover from conventional processes, such as milling, eroding or grinding, to machining with laser technology
  • Wear-free, non-contact and precise machining of a wide range of materials, including metal, carbide, ceramic and diamond 
  • Utmost machining precision with solid-based machines
  • Unique application technology and operation for the implementation of turnkey applications
LASERTEC - Contact-free 5-axis laser machining
LASERTEC Shape - 5-axis laser texturing with fiber laser
LASERTEC Shape - 5-axis laser ablation with femtosecond laser

LASERTEC - Contact-free 5-axis laser machining

  • 3 Laser-Technology Sectors:
  • LASERTEC Shape - Laser texturing of geometrically defined surfaces in injection molds for Die & Mold and 3D laser ablation in the production of technical miniature molds, press dies and embossing tools.
  • LASERTEC PrecisionTool - complete machining of cutting edges incl. clearance angle, chip breakers and defined cutting edge fillets in ultra-hard materials at up to 3 mm/min.
  • LASERTEC PowerDrill - 5-axis laser precision drilling of cooling air holes in turbine components for aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines.

LASERTEC Shape - 5-axis laser texturing with fiber laser

ULTRASONIC highlight 1
  • Complex and sophisticated textures in 3D freeform surfaces, engraving and inscription.
  • Lasering of surface textures with technical properties:
    • Scratch-resistant surfaces
    • Super matte surfaces
    • Hydrophobic surfaces
  • High Speed Z-Shifter for fast positioning in the Z-axis to the point of machining
  • High repeatability and reproducibility

LASERTEC Shape - 5-axis laser ablation with femtosecond laser

ULTRASONIC highlight 2
  • Ultra-short pulse laser enables machining of tungsten carbide, glass and ceramics with surface finishes down to Ra 0.1 µm
  • Contact-free and gentle machining without heat input into the material avoids cracks and material stresses
  • Tool life can be increased by a factor of up to 10 for carbide embossing dies

DMG MORI: varied laser technologies for different applications

The standard lasers used in DMG MORI CNC laser machines include fibre lasers (cw / qcw) and ultrashort pulse lasers, such as femtosecond lasers. Their short pulse frequency means the ultrashort pulse lasers offer the added benefit of eliminating any heat input into the material being machined. This makes it possible to create delicate structures in a wide variety of materials, from carbides all the way to ceramics. DMG MORI uses these laser technologies in its Shape, Precision Tool and PowerDrill series. 

Laser ablation with the LASERTEC Shape series

The laser machines of the LASERTEC Shape series offer process-reliable and reproducible laser ablation of surfaces of different thickness, fine contours as well as delicate cavities for the production of injection moulds, press tools, inscriptions and other engravings with the utmost precision.

These machines are capable of effortlessly machining tool steel or even highly wear-resistant materials such as carbide or ceramics with appropriate laser beams (nanosecond or femtosecond lasers), while simultaneously ensuring a perfect surface quality. The machines can work unmanned over several shifts or, if appropriate automation solutions are employed, over entire weekends. The advantages of non-contact laser ablation technology truly come into their own through various application-specific software functions.

Machining of diamond tools with the LASERTEC PrecisionTool series

The LASERTEC PrecisionTool series takes laser machining for the production of precision tools to a whole new quality level. Conventional, mechanical machining processes such as grinding and eroding have already reached their limitations due to the excessive process forces and negative thermal reactions in diamond cutting materials. This is where the innovative laser technology can demonstrate its unique strength and numerous advantages.

The machines in the LASERTEC PrecisionTool series are the most flexible CNC lasers for the machining of diamond tools available on the market. Depending on the machine type, machining operations can be carried out with a tool diameter of up to 360 mm for a maximum tool length of 410 mm. Chipping of the cutting edge in laser-machined tools is reduced by up to 3 times in comparison to ground or eroded tools, which extends the service life by up to 40 percent.

Laser drilling with the LASERTEC PowerDrill series

DMG MORI’s PowerDrill series is specifically designed for 5-axis laser drilling of turbine blades, combustion chambers and other components from the aviation and stationary gas turbine sectors. It delivers powerful performance in laser processing of turbine components with sizes up to XXL. Cooling air holes can be created using percussion, trepanning or drilling on the fly (up to 500 holes/second with a rotating workpiece). 

Depending on the application, the LASERTEC PowerDrill machines are available with 9 kW to 23 kW fibre lasers. The machine concepts are rounded off by state-of-the-art functions such as variable collimation, flash detection, capacitive distance sensors and optional tool changers Special PowerDrill software tools enable the convenient programming and editing of complex components.